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 Casino Estate:

Australian Media Pty Ltd through original registrations dating back to early 1997, acquisitions and snapping up expired domain names, has pieced together the finest collection of Online Gambling addresses, including Casinos.Net.

The Domain Names have been developed at the minimum into micro-portals and achieve nice search engine positions.

A recent report estimated Online Gambling will be a US $105 Billion dollar industry by 2019. Casinos.Net is the leading brand name, and has more than three hundred brothers and sisters in its network.


 For Sale In One Line

This entire Online Gambling Network is For Sale at US $100 million. We may consider offers for individual or groups of domain names. Please send inquiries to:

If you are new to the world of casinos and gambling then a good way of looking at the whole industry is to think of the industry as a big estate. Each area of the estate could be thought of as different games or sub casinos if you are looking at a group of casinos. For example the dining room could be where you would play 21 online. Here all of the cards are set up on the dining room table and each time you choose to deal, the butler will turn over a card.

The stables could be a Casino online where everything is fast moving and always totally accessible. No matter what time of day or night, you can always go into the online casinos and there is always help at hand if you get stuck or are not sure what to do. There is no entrance fee to play at online casinos, just as there is no entrance fee to ride the horses in your stable. And when you are finished playing the horses return to their stables and wait there for the next time they are taken out. Just like at an online casino, it will remember where you were in the game and when you come back to it, it will be at the same place.

The garage in a large estate is a good comparison for Mobile Casinos. Cars like Mobile Casinos can be taken out and played with anywhere. They are easily accessible and all that they need to make them go is a little bit of petrol. A bit like a hand held device, once it has recharged you can use it as much as you want. Of course cars need servicing occasionally which costs money, similar to the money that you will put into a mobile casino in order to start playing. Remember that you can play at a mobile casino anywhere, a bit like a car which you can take anywhere. Whichever part of the estate you choose to play in; you are assured of an interesting and potentially profitable time.

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